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You hunt - we will buy!

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You hunt - we will buy!


After skinning, the processing plant determines the weight of the game. Taking into account the information provided in the acceptance-transfer deed regarding the weight and category of the game, the purchase price is set for the game without skin.


Game is divided into two categories:

I - the highest category - direct hit on the head, neck or heart - behind the shoulder blade;

Category II applies to wildfowl in cases where the animal has a shot, thighs or fillets.


Prices for the 2018/2019 hunting season:







For individuals:
At the time of disbursement, Personal Income Tax (PIT) in the amount of 23% is withheld and transferred to the State budget.


For legal entities:

The seller is paid according to the invoice issued by the seller. Invoice preparation, if necessary, we can prepare on behalf of the seller.

Payment term - 2 to three weeks from the moment of accepting the wildfowl. Payment is made by bank transfer.


It is possible to exchange game for canned food and sausages. From 100 kg of wildfowl without skin comes:

  • 40 kg smoked sausages / grilled sausages


  • 50 kg of canned food.

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