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You hunt - we will buy!

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You hunt - we will buy!

Read and get some money



Conditions under which game is accepted:



We accept / purchase only those fowl that has been shot using hunting weapons.

- In order for a carcass to qualify as an animal of the highest category, it should be shot at the head, neck or heart - behind the shoulder blade;
- It is strongly recommended that you shoot your hind thighs, back and stomach.

Game will not be accepted / purchased for processing in the following cases:
- If the veterinary inspection reveals irregularities which will render the meat unfit for human consumption;
- If the cause of death of the animal is freezing or drowning;
- If the death of an animal has occurred in a traffic accident, fire, etc. as a result;
- If the death of the animal has been caused by a lightning strike or electric shock;
- If the fowl meat shows obvious signs of damage, but has an unpleasant smell, there is a noticeable change in the color of the meat, the feathers have entered;
- If during the processing of the game, within one hour from the moment of hunting, the instructions were not properly followed and the game was not cooled down until the moment of its collection;
- If the game has many bone fractures with large bleeding, there are large wounds on the body in different places, if there are noticeable body compressions, if the game meat is damaged due to damage to its digestive organs, etc.

Instructions for proper pre-treatment and storage of game:

In order to successfully prepare the game for sale / sale and to avoid disagreements between the seller and the buyer on issues related to its quality, it is important to comply with the following requirements:

- The heads and feet up to the joints of deer, elk and deer must be separated;
- Within one hour of the game being shot, the game must bleed and all internal organs must be removed by opening the sternum to the sternum. The direction in which the internal organs must be separated - from the tail to the side of the head;
- The wildfowl must be placed in a cool, well-watered place until it is accepted for further transport;
- Ensure that the game is properly cooled by hanging or depositing it;
- The access of wild rodents, insects and flies to wildfowl must be excluded.

NB! Wildfowl will be disposed of if it has not been properly treated and stored properly, resulting in spoilage.



Procedure for accepting game:

The Initial inspection by the driver;

- An acceptance-transfer deed is drawn up in two copies. One of them stays with the seller;

- To identify the fowl, the act number is added to it;
- A purchase agreement is concluded between the seller and the buyer;
- The weight of skinless wildfowl is determined in the processing plant;
- Acceptance - transfer deed is fully completed after receiving all the necessary data from the processing company. A completed acceptance-transfer deed is issued to the seller via e-mail / post / in person.

If the seller is a legal entity:
- An invoice or bill of lading is issued on the basis of the information contained in the issued acceptance certificate.

Documents to be attached to the wildfowl:
- Declaration of the initial inspection of the wildfowl;
- Top of hunting license.

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