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Safari price list 2019/2020


Hunting of brown bears (Ursus arctos)


Hunting: 200EUR per day
Accommodation and meals: 100EUR per night
(accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and sauna)

* PRICES are without VAT 21%
European elk (Alces alces) hunting:

Hunting: 200EUR per day - observation and tracking in the morning and evening.


and catering: 120EUR per night - accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and sauna.

Estonian hunting documents: 20EUR per hunter.

Estonian hunting permit: 10EUR valid for one year.




* PRICES are without VAT 21%.

** NOTE: The service rate per hunting day is charged regardless of whether the selected offers are used during the day.

*** NOTE: The minimum number of hunters per day is 6, while the maximum is 12. There is no minimum number of hunters for hunting from the tower.

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